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Top 5 Things Every Solopreneur Should Automate



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As a solopreneur, you’re not just an employee—you’re the CEO, HR manager, sales rep, networker, social media star, goal-getter, and even the janitor. It’s no wonder you’re tired! You’re wearing all the hats of a corporate organization, and while you’re loving every minute of it, it’s still a lot of work. Here are five things every solopreneur should automate to take back their time and regain a sense of work/life balance. Because you deserve it!

Your Sales Strategy

Automating your sales strategy can sound scary at first. After all, your existing customers and clients bought into your brand because of you, right? Yes—and there are ways to increase your reach, so you can sell to more people with less effort!

A simple, recurring email campaign can do wonders to help build or maintain your relationship with new and existing clients. And since you wrote it (or it was written by a professional team, with your brand in mind) you don’t have to worry about sounding “fake”. They’re still your words, but they’re reaching so many more people.

The Way You Receive Feedback

It can be tempting to ignore feedback from your clients and customers—”haters gonna hate”, am I right? However, it’s important to remember that customer feedback is critical to your success as a solopreneur.

Create a pre-scheduled email campaign to go out to your customers a few days after they’ve made a purchase. Let them know how much you appreciate their support and invite them to share any feedback they may have. You can even include a discount code for future purchases to help encourage customer loyalty!

Your Customer Service Efforts

You probably became a solopreneur because you love connecting with and supporting people, but responding to emails and DMs all day can be exhausting! How are you supposed to get any real work done if you can’t log out of your inbox?

First things first, set up an auto-responder with clear boundaries around your work hours. Then, create some canned responses for your most frequently asked questions or commonly-sent emails.

Your Social Media Posting

Successful solopreneurs aren’t creating content on the fly—they’re planning ahead and scheduling their posts! Automating your social media posting will ensure that you’re reaching your audience when they’re scrolling, not just when you remember to post.

Is creating content not your thing? With comprehensive Social Media Content + Posting services from The Agency, we’ll take care of your entire social media feed, including creating and posting content tailored for your brand. How’s that for automation?

Your Customer Interviews

Is there anything worse than pitching a deal to a client, only to realize halfway through the consultation that they’re really not a great fit? Automating your intake forms allows you to vet your potential clients before they even get to you! Connect your website’s contact form to a CRM (customer relationship management) tool and automatically send an email with a series of questions.

Don’t have a website? We can help! We offer a wide variety of website and branding services, so you never have to wear the “Website Developer” hat again, if you don’t want to.

Automating your work doesn’t just improve efficiency and streamline your processes—it gives you your life back, so you can spend more time with your family and loved ones. The team at The Agency is here to help, because we’ve been there! Visit our website to get in touch today.

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