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Revolutionizing Your Digital Presence: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Sales-Driven Website

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Without a powerful website, your losing potential customers. Every single business needs a website that looks great, loads fast, and makes it easy to find all the information. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time, staff, or expertise to build websites. The website designers at our Sioux Falls digital marketing agency have you covered!

Benefits for You:

Hosting & Backup

We’ll handle backups and updates for you.

Executive Report

Stop wasting time creating manual reports. You’ll have access to a detailed dashboard with all the data in one place.

What’s Included:

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • SEO-friendly website
  • ADA Pursuant
  • Standard plugins
  • Up to 35 product uploads (more available for added cost)
  • Payment processing setup for PayPal, Stripe, or Square (for ecommerce sites)
  • Flat rate shipping (for ecommerce sites)
  • Website copy (Up to 500 words per page)
  • On-going website maintenance

Days to Go Live

Once you provide us with all the necessary information and files to build your website, we estimate our website designers will have it will be ready to go live within 30 business days.

Prior to the start of your project, our Sioux Falls-based website designers will contact you for additional information to begin. Once completed, you’ll be asked to provide feedback so we can ensure that the end result matches your vision.

Please, note that the website development will be paused until we hear back from you, which can cause delays. If you purchase add-ons such as Additional Pages and IDX, we’ll need a few more days to finish the website.

What can be customized on the website?

Our website designers have helped many Sioux Falls area businesses with our stunning and unique websites. We offer the following customizations are all included with the website packages at no additional cost:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Media (Images, videos, icons)
  • Text
  • Contact form fields and settings
  • Reorganization or duplication of existing sections

For any other type of customization, please purchase the Hourly Charge add-on.


What happens after I place an order?

Our digital marketing team will reach out to discuss the next steps and let you know if there is any missing information that we require to build your website.

Can we use an already existing domain?


What are the limits for word count and media files on each page?

There is not a word count limit.
This package has an image limit of 50 media files (images/videos). If you need more, you can use our Additional Images/Products add-on.

Do I need to host the website with you?

We will require the website to be hosted and maintained with The Agency for a minimum of 12 months. After that, you are free to move to any host.

What if I need more customizations to be made on the website?

No problem! We can provide customization to any website our designers have built. Please reach out to your sales rep for assistance on quoting the integration, searching for functionality, or design assistance.

Can you turn this website into an e-commerce site?

Yes! We can turn any WordPress sites into an e-commerce site

What happens to the website if I cancel the service?

Once the hosting is canceled your website will archive for up to 30 days. All archived sites that wish to be revived will require reactivation of hosting which will incur the monthly costs.
If you would like a copy of your website prior to cancellation please reach out to our digital marketing team.

Can you build real estate websites (IDX)?

Yes, please activate the IDX add-on and review the product details for more information.

Can you build sites on Shopify, Square, or Duda?

No. We build on the WordPress CMS only.

Can I sell a multi-language site?

Yes! We use the GTranslate plugin for this service. The free version uses Google’s standard translation service. However, if you would like to edit those translations, you will need to purchase the premium version.

I’ve chosen a premium plugin, what next?

For all premium plugins, you will need to purchase the license and provide the necessary information and credentials to your web developer for integration (Integration costs subject to hourly fees). We do not purchase premium plugins for you.

Are sites you build HIPAA compliant?

No, currently our websites are not HIPAA compliant. However, we can integrate HIPAA compliant features and services provided by you on your website.

Can you build sites that are not in Website Pro or in my own hosting environment?

No, we only offer website services that are hosted on our platform and are using Website Pro hosting.

Can you provide maintenance or management on sites in my hosting environment?

No, we can only provide services that are hosted on Website Pro hosting.

How do I estimate customization costs if I don’t want to stick to your frameworks?

On average, it takes us 1 hour to customize 2 website pages. Please, keep in mind that we charge by the hour and will round up our hourly costs. For example, if you need to customize 3 website pages, we’ll charge you for 2 hours instead of 1.5.
If you have a custom wireframe or mock that you want us to use when building the website, please let us know. Otherwise, we’ll need your instructions to customize the website for you.

What do you do for SEO?

– H1 tags
– Metadata
– Alt Text
– Breadcrumbs
– Footer year updates
– Sitemap
– Homepage naming convention for SEO
– 301 redirects
– ADA features

Can you transfer sites from Square, Wix, Mono, Duda, Shopify?

No, the companies above use proprietary web building services. Once you leave their hosting you will lose the website and will need a new website created.

Can we use special themes from Themeforest or Envato marketplace, etc?

Yes, however, these are custom website builds and will be subject to our hourly integration costs. Please note, these custom themes are limited to the layout, structure, and features the theme provides.

Is the SSL included on your websites?

Yes, all websites hosted on Website Pro automatically receive SSL certifications.

Do I have all backend access once the website is completed?

Yes! All websites we build for our partners are granted the same access as our web designers.

Can you handle multi-site web builds?

Yes! However, each website will need its own hosting environment since we don’t currently offer multi-site support on a single hosting environment..

What’s included with the 12 months of maintenance?

– Access to the team for tech support.
– Website revisions to images, text, and minor change requests.
– Backend updates completed quarterly to WP stability version, plugins, and themes.
– Health checks to the overall website upon request and on entry into the backend.
– Urgent support for downed websites.

What do each of the fields on the eCommerce spreadsheet mean?

-post_title – Name of the sales item
-post_content – full description of the item
-post_exerpt – 1-2 sentence short description
-product_type – can be: variable (several different sizes of mattresses), simple, virtual or downloadable
-product_cat – category (mattresses, box springs, etc)
-product_tag – subcategory (mattress – spring coils or memory foam)
-sku – product identifier number
-parent sku – this would be the main sku for a mattress and then each size might have a slightly different sku
-attributes: Sizes – single, double, queen, king, etc
-weight, length, width, height – not needed unless you are determining shipping cost based on this

How many blogs do you allow to be posted or migrated for free on my new website?

If you have a brand new website with our digital marketing agency, we will post up to three blogs that you provide on your blog page (if applicable). If you have an imported website, we will import up to three blogs from your old website to your new website at no additional cost. If you require more than three blogs uploaded or imported from your old website we can also accommodate. Depending on the number of blogs, there will be an additional cost at our hourly rate.

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