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How to Write Articles That Attract and Engage Readers



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As a business owner, you’re always looking for creative ways to generate more buzz around your business, boost your search engine rankings, humanize your brand, build authority, establish long-lasting customer relationships, and increase sales. What if we tell you that you can achieve all this and then some more if you choose to tap into the power of blogging and content marketing?

Blogs are the best way for you to reach prospective clients who’ve never heard of your brand. For instance, a user who has no idea of your residential cleaning company can discover your business through a blog you posted on easy cleaning tips. This is because when you blog, you’re usually directly addressing your customers’ queries.

Now that we’ve established the importance of blogging for your business, how do you write effective and engaging blogs or articles? Even if your blogs hit all the right SEO criteria and rank on Google, it is no use if people don’t want to read what you’re writing about. So what should you write on? How do you engage your readers and make your articles that much more attractive? Keep reading for some helpful tips.

Keep Your Tone Informal

Most people are looking for articles that are friendly, to-the-point, and create a conversation– if they wanted a formal essay, they’d look elsewhere! As such, strike up that chatty tone and let yourself come off as accessible. Think about your audience, and what sort of information they’re looking for to help you engage them thoroughly. Have ways for them to contact you to both keep that conversation going and draw in business.

Let Them Get To Know You

When it comes to engaging content, the easiest way to get people’s attention is to tell them a story. Why not tell them one about yourself? You’re the one behind your business, so who better to talk about how you came around to doing it in the first place/what amazing features your business has? Let them see your personality through your post, and in the process make your business all the more appealing.

Focus on Building Internal and Inbound Links

When other websites link to your website, it’s known as inbound linking. Internal linking is when you include links to your own website and posts in your content. A mix of both is integral to ranking high on search engines and making it easier for clients to find you.

When creating new blog posts, try to link back to other related posts and content on your website to make sure that visitors stay longer on your site. You can ensure more inbound links by building more brand authority and positioning your brand as a reputable and trusted source of knowledge in your industry.

Make Sure You Edit

There is nothing that loses engagement in readers more than when they see obvious grammar and spelling errors. Before you publish, always give your article a good check for typos and other such errors. Even having someone as a second set of eyes can help; they might catch something you didn’t notice as you wrote the article yourself. Garnering attention for your business is always the goal behind such articles, but be careful not to get that attention for the wrong reasons!

Change Things Up and Keep It Short

There is only so long you can keep someone’s attention when they’re reading. The last thing you want is for them to close the article before they reach the end where you have your contact information, after all! Try to keep sentences short, and get the point across quickly. Changing up how the material is presented (with things such as bullet points and headings) can also help refresh the readers’ brains and keep their engagement level high. Just be careful not to go too far the other way though– there is such a thing as too short!

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