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Top 3 Marketing Steps for a Successful Book Launch



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Whether it’s your first, or your fifth, launching a book is an incredibly exciting time. But it can also be a bit stressful. After all, you want to make sure it’s as impactful as possible, right? The success of launch day often directly correlates with the success of the book over time.

Here are some top marketing tips to help ensure a successful book launch.

Make Sure You Have a Website or Landing Page

A website is your business’s storefront or office online. It’s where people go to connect with you, learn more about you, and—if you have an eCommerce site—do business with you! Make sure your book is front and center on your site leading up to launch day.

Websites typically consist of themed pages (think Home, About Me, Services) but you can showcase all of that information in one spot on a dedicated landing page. This is a great way to connect with people who are interacting with you for the first time! Don’t just tell them you’ve written a book—tell them who you are, and why they should engage with you, too.

Not sure where to start? Create a stunning, custom 5-page or 7-page website with the help of The Agency. And if you’re just getting started, be sure to check out our Branding Experience package as well!

Have Your Book’s Cover Custom Designed

We’re told we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we also know that first impressions are key! Make a great impression on potential readers by having your book’s cover custom designed. After all, you poured hours of your life into creating this book—make sure you’re proud to show it off!

Showcase Your Book on Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to connect with your existing audience, as well as attract new fans over time. Post regular status updates throughout the book-writing process to generate hype and keep everyone in the loop. Here are some post ideas:

  • Share a sneak peek of the book cover once the art is finalized. You don’t have to show the whole thing if you want to create suspense!
  • Share your experience with writing. How do you combat writer’s block? What is the editing process like? How did you decide what to include in your book?
  • Share a photo of your workspace and give a status update. How many days until the book is launched?

Blog posts are a fantastic option for longer posts that live permanently on your website. Not only do blogs help boost your site’s SEO, but they also give you a unique way to share your experiences and perspectives. You can check out our past blog posts here.

At The Agency, we know how important impactful marketing can be. We also know how much work it is! That’s why we offer the total package: websites, content creation, digital advertising, and branding design. Visit our website to learn more or get in touch with us today to get started!

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