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Tips to increase your sales online by having a more effective website



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Revolutionizing Your Digital Presence: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Sales-Driven Website

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Due to the pandemic a lot of the way that people do business has changed. People are buying more and more things online, and to be delivered. This can be a positive thing for you and your company… if you are able to pivot how you do things. Here are 5 tips that we believe will help you continue to gain traction with your clients online by making your website more effective:

Tip 1: Know your customer

One of the most important things you can do is better understand who your ideal client is, and how they think. If you don’t know what your client wants, or how they live, eat, shop, etc. how can you sell them your idea, product, or service? Create an Avatar of your ideal customer in detail. What is their age, gender, occupation, marital status, etc.? Answering these questions allows you the ability to walk through how they will shop. What are their dislikes? One way to do this is take a look at your current customers. Who is your favorite to work with, and why? Do you have certain customers that buy more than others? If you have a relationship with them don’t hesitate to ask them for feedback about a topic, idea, or change you are considering to your website.

Tip 2: Clear calls to action

When you get to your website, is it clear what you want your customers to do? Is it that you want them to learn more about you as a company? Or is it that you want them to purchase a specific product? Understanding your what it is your client wants helps you to then determine the best way to get their attention. A vast majority of successful websites have clear calls to action at the top of the website, and throughout the homepage. People are coming there for a reason and generally speaking it is 1 of 2 things: to buy something, or to learn more about it before doing so. Giving them a clear option to do either right when they get to the website makes their life easier.

Tip 3: Keep it simple

If your web presence is too complicated to navigate people will leave the site without completing their or your desired goal. Use calls to action like: Learn More, Buy Now, Read More, Subscribe, etc. Don’t make the shop hard to find. Be sure that your About Us section is clear and simple to get to. If there is too much text, and not enough user friendly OBVIOUS ways to take the next step then you will end up loosing potential customers.

Tip 4: Leave a trail back

Once your client clicks Learn More about your company/product does the trail stop? Do you have to hit the back button to find out how to buy the product? Is there a clear way for them to go straight from Learn More to Buy Now? If not, that will cause for unneeded clicking and more steps which statistically means less closed sales. Always make the next step easy for the customer by adding another call to action to the next step that you want them to take.

Tip 5: Upsell, Cross sell, and Subscribe

Just because your customer has gathered enough info to make a buying decision, and have put the item in their cart doesn’t mean that the sales process is over. You just took the time to gain this clients trust, why are you stopping when they clearly like what you offer? There are hundreds of way to offer your new client other products/services that you offer. Watch your clients’ carts in order to better understand what products people often purchase at the same time. Clients don’t empty their cart and leave because you asked them if they wanted to add a second one for 10% off. They are already committed to the transaction mentally and emotionally and ensuring that they get more is good customer service. Also be sure to have each customers’ email captured at checkout so that you can encourage them to come back.

Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your website is user friendly and more effective is a simple way to increase your gross sales. For a free consultation with one of our Marketing Strategists to help you find more ways to better your web presence feel free to start a conversation with us!

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