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Seeking Feedback on Your Web Design? Here’s Who You Should Really Be Asking.



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Woman looking at web design mock-ups with notes and feedback.
Receiving valuable feedback can illuminate your website’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Hey there, online superstar! So, you’ve been tirelessly working on your website, pouring your heart, soul, and countless cups of coffee into crafting a digital space that truly reflects the essence of your brand. I feel you! Designing a website is no small task, and by the time you’re nearing the finish line, I bet a whirlwind of questions is spinning in your mind.

“Is this truly the best representation of my brand?” “Will visitors instinctively know where to click?” “Is this font too playful, or does it hit just the right note?”

Ah, the joys of entrepreneurship, right? Now, the urge to ask every single person you know for feedback will be strong. But before you send out that SOS to your entire contact list, pause and take a breath. Not everyone’s feedback will serve you or your brand’s purpose. So, let’s dive deep into who you should be seeking feedback from and why.

Your Dream Clients: At the end of the day, it’s all about them. Your website serves as a bridge between what you offer and your dream client’s desires. So, go straight to the source! Instead of asking broad questions, get specific. Ask them, “Does this homepage make you curious about my services?” or “Would you feel comfortable reaching out after browsing my site?”

Fellow Entrepreneurs Within Your Niche: These are your people. They understand the intricacies of your industry and the mindset of your shared audience. Share your site with a select few and have a real, genuine chat about it. Think of it as a cozy coffee catch-up with a friend, discussing the highs and lows of your latest venture.

Web Design Professionals: Let’s be real. You wouldn’t ask your baker about car issues, right? A seasoned web designer will approach your site with a critical eye, picking out areas that could potentially hamper user experience or those that truly shine. A chat with a pro can offer insights you might never have thought of!

The Beloved Outsiders: Yes, your family and non-industry friends. While they may not be your target audience or understand the ins and outs of your niche, they offer a fresh, untainted perspective. Just keep in mind, while their feedback can provide valuable insights about the overall user experience, it might not always align with your specific brand goals.

Now, here’s the golden nugget I want you to hold onto: Feedback is valuable, but it’s also subjective. For every person who thinks your background color is too muted, another might find it elegantly understated. Your website, just like your business, is a deeply personal journey. So, take in the feedback, mull it over, but at the end of the day, trust your gut and the vision you have for your brand.

Alright, my friend, I’ll leave you with this. Your website is an evolving representation of your journey, your dreams, and the incredible value you bring to the world. Cherish the process, soak in the feedback, but always, always stay true to your vision.

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