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Personal Branding: The Psychology Of Color

November 23, 2022

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Color is a powerful tool for your business – so when you’re designing your logo website and brand identity, make sure you’re sending the right message and setting the right tone. Scientific research into colors shows that color has the ability to influences the way we think and behave.

There are also so many variations of all colors to consider. Ex: it’s not enough to say all blues = calm! There are soft blues,  bright blues, dark blues – all of which will create a different feeling.

Below is a list of colors and data to help you make an informed decision for your personal branding.


Generally connected with:
Trust, Dependability, Loyalty, Security, Logic, Peace, Calm, Easy Going

These associations make blue color schemes good options for businesses in the finance sector, as well as for businesses that require customers to place a lot of trust in them – maybe a veterinary office or a medical practice.

Blue probably isn’t the best choice if you’re in the food service industry – it supposedly suppresses appetite! But if you really want to use it in your restaurant branding, choose a lighter shade or a blue-green hue.


Generally connected with:
Tranquil, Stability, Optimism, Healing, Communication, Balance, Inspiration, Unique


Generally connected with:
Health, Nature, Peace, Freshness, Growth, Prosperity, Environmentally Friendly

Seeing green, even briefly, has been tied to enhanced creative thinking, so using it in marketing materials may be a good idea if people need to do a little creative thinking to understand your appeal.

Green is associated with nature and environmental responsibility, which can make greens good for businesses that prioritize leaving a green footprint. Green is also linked to spring and new beginnings, making it a good option for small businesses that help people start new lives – maybe you’re a dietitian or a tutor. Marketing health or education products may also benefit from blue’s association with competence and trustworthiness.

Wondering how to choose the right shade of green? Saturated, softer greens, like sage, are better for spas or lower-key businesses. On the other hand, brighter versions, like Kelly green, can inspire action right away.


Generally connected with:
Optimism, Warmth, Happiness, Extraversion, Welcoming, Friendliness, Caution

What color are people least likely to select as their favorite? Yellow. It’s generally pretty unpopular and is one of the colors least likely to be selected for marketing materials.

If you use yellow as your primary logo color, you’re communicating cheerfulness, accessibility, energy and friendliness. And unlike the luxuriousness of black, yellow is associated with affordability. So, yellow can be a great fit if you’re opening a fitness studio or casual restaurant, or want to convey that your offerings are budget-friendly.


Generally connected with:
Optimism, Freedom, Motivation, Energy, Warmth, Confidence, Courage

Orange is an energetic color, blending the excitement of red with the friendliness of yellow. Consider using orange in your branding if you want to communicate energy and boldness – maybe you’re a gym, travel company or even a toy store. Similarly to yellow, orange is perceived as a ‘cheap’ color – so if you’re trying to communicate that you’re a high-end brand, consider using a different hue.


Generally connected with:
Energy, Confidence, Dynamic, Outgoing, Friendly, Approachable, Feminine Touch (pink)


Generally connected with:
Passion, Love, Power, Strength, Excitement, Fearlessness, Appetite, Warning

Red is linked to love, danger and excitement. “Research has shown that looking at red can degrade our analytical reasoning, but seeing red on a wall or similar surface will does give a burst of strength. It’s the perfect color to look at as you lift weights. Science also says that red stimulates appetites – so it can be a great fit for eateries of all kinds.


Generally connected with:
Feminine, Compassion, Intuitive, Sensitive, Nurturing, Love and Calm

Pink represents romance and femininity, so it’s ideal for small businesses that target women as their primary customer base. And since there are so many shades of pink, it’s super versatile – it has a youthful energy that works well in many technology and fast-food brands.


Generally connected with:
Passion, Creative, Imagination, Kindness, Transformation, Spiritual, Innovation


Generally connected with:
Wisdom, Wealth, Royalty, Luxury, Spirituality, Imagination, Fantasy

Purple blends the excitement of red with the calmness of blue, which can help your brand appear luxurious, innovative or feminine. Purple isn’t as widely used as pink in brands geared towards women, but it’s definitely a feminine color and can be great for your small business if you specialize in beauty, skincare or luxury retail.


Warm Neutrals: Nudes, Tans, Taupe’s, Browns

Generally connected with:
Earthiness, Warmth, Reliability, Support, Outdoors, Conservative, Dependable

Brown is linked in our minds to ruggedness. We see a lot of utility businesses use brown, like construction companies or package delivery services, as well as more “earthy” brands. This color can make your branding appear more masculine, too, so it’s a good option if you’re targeting a male audience – maybe with a men’s clothing line or custom woodworking business.

Cool Neutrals: Shades of Gray

Generally connected with:
Reliability, Strength, Neutrality, Solid, Intelligence, Conservative, Lack of Energy

In between black and white, gray represents balance and neutrality. Gray is a great color choice for professionals, like lawyers, financial planners and accountants, since it’s serious and has a corporate feel.


Generally connected with:
Protection, Dramatic, Classy, Formality, Timeless, Power, Mystery, Sophistication

Black is a widely used and preferred shade. Since many associate black with strength, sophistication, tradition and formality, its popularity isn’t surprising. Black can be a great choice for your retail or fashion business if you want to convey sleekness, sophistication and luxury.


Generally connected with:
Clarity, Purity, Simplicity, Sophistication, Freshness, Innocence, Wholeness

White is one of the most versatile colors out there – it can work for almost any industry since it’s so neutral. On its own, white represents modernity, simplicity and cleanliness. It’s a great brand color choice for small businesses in the technology and health industries, as well as for upscale retail companies. White also makes a great accent color if your primary brand color is especially vibrant.

Remember, the colors you select send important messages. Choose wisely and apply what you have learned about the science behind colors.

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