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Creating engagement can be done in numerous ways. Social media posts, blogs, reels on Instagram, Tiktok videos, and YouTube are just some of the ways to create engagement. All of this content can be used to drive traffic to your website. But many people seem to think that all of this content needs to be separate; different ideas, various topics, and so on. However, this isn’t the case! All of this content can be used hand-in-hand to drive engagement.

Longform Content vs. Social Media Posts

Longform content can include email campaigns, blogs, newsletters, and so on, whereas social media posts are the posts you’ll most likely find on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Blogs can be any number of words, whereas social media posts are usually only up to a certain number of characters. Keep in mind that if you have an extremely long Facebook post, people are less likely to read through it. That’s why it’s great to give people a sneak peek at what you’re writing about, then link to your blog or website. That way, if people are intrigued, they can go to your link and read through things from there. This will drive up engagement on your social media as well as your website.

YouTube Videos vs. Reels

Much like with long-form content and social media posts, YouTube videos are generally longer whilst reels are quick videos to get a small amount of information across. People usually use reels on Instagram or even Tiktok videos to draw in their audience. With Instagram and Tiktok, always make sure to include a link to your website in your bio for ease of access. If people are idly scrolling through Tiktok, a link in your bio may make or break whether they visit your site. Reels are great, especially for a company that is selling products! You can give a small look at something, then tell them to check the link in your bio to head to your website for purchase.

Many people don’t think of all the vast ways that you can create engagement through different social media outlets. Of course, it does all depend on what you’re comfortable with: if you aren’t able to edit videos, starting a YouTube channel may not be the greatest thing for you, while a reel would be easy and quick for you to start with if interested in such an avenue.

If you’re wanting to read more about topics involving content creation, digital advertising, branding, and websites feel free to check out our previous blogs on our website.

At The Agency, we know how important impactful marketing can be. We also know how much work it is! That’s why we offer the total package: websites, content creation, digital advertising, and branding design. Visit our website to learn more or get in touch with us today to get started!

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