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Our Top Social Media Tips

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New to social media marketing? Don’t know where to start? Here are the Agency’s top tips on what to do, and what not to do.

Do: Use Keywords and Hash Tags

Depending on platform, you’ll want to use key words in your posts and in your hash tags. Build the verbiage in your posts around what people often search for in your industry. Using widely utilized hash tags can get your posts in front of people who don’t presently follow your social media. Try not to use irrelevant hash tags to your industry.

Do: Keep it short

Unless you writing an article or newsletter and posting it on your social media, keep the commentary short. People will skip over an advertisement if it has too many words or takes too long to get through. Keep text relevant and exciting, but brief. They will click to learn more about your company and can read about that on your site. Try not to post only text (except on twitter) on your posts. People don’t usually go on social media to read, but to interact.

Do: Use Images Wisely

 People are drawn to colorful, bright, and unique photos. When choosing images, be sure they reflect your business while still maintaining interest. Pictures are what capture peoples’ attention and get them to engage with your company’s page. Images don’t always have to be about a promotion, but can appeal to the viewers emotions making the product/service more relatable. Try to avoid using images that are completely irrelevant to your company. This can cause brand confusion and push potential clients away.

 Do: Use your logo

Your logo is how people know your brand. In order to build brand recognition, having your logo in many of your posts is important. You want them to remember what they saw and share it with others. If they like your logo and identify with it, they will feel like part of the brand. Try not to overuse your logo. It can be seen as repetitive if you continue to post the logo without other valid content.

Do: Use commonly used terminology

Most industries have jargon that they utilize daily in their line of work. However, the average consumer doesn’t understand your acronyms or industry jargon. Depending on the target audience slang can be a deterrent. Slang terms go out of fashion quickly, vary by location, and have meanings that change often. It is best to stick with more commonly used language, unless your product fills a niche and should be marketed to a specific audience that utilizes those words often. Try to use more widely used terminology to communicate and advertise.

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