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Outdoor Specialties


In 2009 Outdoor Specialties landed contracts with commercial construction companies and home builders throughout Sioux Falls. Work was often hard to come by given the economic situation of the country at the time. There was always one constant. Never stop working. This company is based upon old school principles and philosophies. Work hard, Do a great job, and word of mouth will get you more work. We are proud to say we have done business with some of the biggest companies in Sioux Falls. Such as Lloyd Companies, Legacy Developments, Premiere Builder’s, Otton Construction, PAL Inc just to name a few. But it is the countless references from friends, family and former customers that have helped us grow and expand.

Outdoor Specialties is always looking for new ways to diversify. “The we can do everything mentality” has led to some of our most unique designs and projects. Owner and Lead designer Corde McLaughlin finds most of his inspiration and creativity in the things he does outside of work. Between landscape and snow removal seasons Corde Spends as much of his time travelling with his family, hunting, fishing, water skiing, and relaxing as possible. Taking bits and pieces from other parts of the world and bringing them back home and incorporating them into a design is one of the best ways to stand out. There is also a lot of pride in creating a landscape that is recognizable. When some one says ” I can tell that’s an Outdoor Specialties landscape” it is the worlds biggest compliment.

It has been an amazing ride over the past 10 years, but Corde and the rest of the crew hope to continue that journey well into the future. The support of former, present and future clients is detrimental to our success. Our goal is to carry on the legacy and reputation that has been built not only in Sioux Falls SD, But everywhere someone sees our logo, or one of our Landscape projects.

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