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What Does Social Media Mean To You?

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What does the term social media mean to you?

Maybe it reminds you of  connecting with friends from high school, or of playing a certain farming game that was popular a few years ago. You could use it to look at funny pictures, or heartwarming videos, or maybe even share your own with friends and family. These are all wonderful things that can be done through social media for personal use. But within those sites are endless business opportunities and ways to market your business. 

 One of the beauties of social media is that it gathers information about what your client does and doesn’t like. Making it an effective way to market to people who already like or use similar products to yours. At The Agency we utilize all types of advertising on social media, from videos, text, or images to get your product or service in front of your potential clients. Depending on what type of product or service, specific types of media will be more effective. The strategy also will vary based on the platform; for example one wouldn’t use a long text piece to advertise on instagram. There is so much that goes into each platform and the different ways to market your company on it effectively.  

  People are spending more and more time online and on social media. Young people, and the generations above them are now going to the internet to get their news, or questions answered, and even to simply kill time, so it makes sense to advertise to them this way as well. With social media marketing, one can target audiences for their ads based on algorithms, making sure the people you want to see your product or service will. While they are already on the internet it’s a lot easier to click a link than to call a company, allowing users to access more information straight from the computer or mobile device itself. By focusing your advertising dollars into the media platforms where your clients are already spending their time you are making purchasing your product/service more convenient to buy. Doing this leads to more people accessing your company and therefore more revenue. 

            Another reason why social media marketing is such a great opportunity is the ability to like, comment, share, and tag. When you provide a great product or service and advertise it appropriately, often times your clients will like, comment, and share your ad. This is extremely helpful because it can often double, or triple the reach of the paid advertisement. Not very many other forms of media encourage people to share their experiences and favorite products the way that social media does. For more tricks, tips, and strategies on ways to increase your social media impact contact us.

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