Average Timeline: 4-8 WEEKS

Get ahead of the competition by having a better plan. Our team will help identify the most effective strategies for client acquisition and growth. Our branding services will develop and define your business' unique voice.

Without a powerful website, your business is losing potential customers. Every single business needs a website that looks great, loads fast, and makes it easy to find all the information.

Our team of web designers and developers will build you a website that represents your brand and helps you promote your offerings.

What's Included:

Custom Website pages
SEO-friendly website
ADA Pursuant
Standard plugins
Upload up to 10 blogs per month (if content is provided)
Approved plugins will be done for you (may be a charge for premium plugins)
Up to 25 product uploads (for ecommerce sites)
Flat rate shipping (for ecommerce sites)
Payment processing setup for PayPal, Stripe, or Square (for ecommerce sites)
Website copy (From 500-2000 words depending on number of pages.
12 months required of website support and maintenance*)


What's included with the on-going maintenance?
- Access to our team for tech support.
- Website revisions to images, text, and minor change requests.
- Backend updates completed quarterly to WP stability version, plugins, and themes.
- Health checks to the overall website upon request and on entry into the backend.
- Urgent support for downed websites.

Can we use an already existing domain?
Yes! We can use a custom domain to create your website.

Can you turn this website into an e-commerce site?
Yes! We can turn any WordPress sites into an e-commerce site.

Are sites you build HIPAA compliant?
No, currently our websites are not HIPAA compliant.
However, we can integrate HIPAA compliant features and services provided by you on your website.

What do you do for SEO?
- H1 tags
- Metadata
- Alt Text
- Breadcrumbs
- Footer year updates
- Sitemap
- Homepage naming convention for SEO
- 301 redirects
- ADA features

Is the SSL included on your websites?
Yes, all our websites automatically receive SSL certifications.

What do each of the fields on the eCommerce spreadsheet mean?
post title - Name of the sales item
post content - full description of the item
post excerpt - 1-2 sentence short description
product type - can be: variable (several different sizes of mattresses), simple, virtual or downloadable
product_cat - category (mattresses, box springs, etc)
product_tag - subcategory (mattress - spring coils or memory foam)
sku - product identifier number
parent sku - this would be the main sku for a mattress and then each size might have a slightly different sku attributes: Sizes - single, double, queen, king, etc - weight, length, width, height - not needed unless you are determining shipping cost based on this

Can you handle multi-site web builds?
Yes! However, each website will need its own hosting environment.

Custom Branding & Design Package
(Includes Custom Logo Design, Business Card Design, and 3 Blog Posts)

Our Logo Design

Unlimited revisions until you’re completely satisfied and ready to take on competitors. We have a team of Corporate Branding experts that will personally work with you to ensure that your designs reflect your corporate vision. We know how important branding is and will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Unlimited Design Concepts
Unlimited Design Revisions
100% Original Logo Design

Our Business Card Design

Unlimited revisions until you’re completely satisfied and ready to take on competitors. We have a team of design experts that will personally work with you to ensure that your Business Card Design reflects your corporate vision. We know how important branding is and will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Look professional when handing your business card to potential clients
Unlimited Design Concepts
Unlimited Design Revisions
100% Original Business Card Design

Are all of the designs original?
Yes! All of the designs are custom created for you and are 100% original.

Do I have copyright ownership to the design?
Yes! You have full copyright ownership to the design.

How many revisions/design comps can I request?
Unlimited! All of our projects come with unlimited design comps and revisions for one low price. We continue designing until you are 100% satisfied with the Business Cards.

Does this come with front and back business card design?
Yes, we design both sides of the cards.

What files are delivered upon project completion?
Final files provided in Adobe Illustrator (vector format) ready to send to the printer.

Can you work on projects in other languages?
We design in English and Spanish.

3 Blog Posts

Attract a broader audience and establish credibility in your industry
It's simple—blog content can boost your SEO and help you build trust with your customer base, but producing fresh, valuable content each month is time-consuming. Our team of creative writers can curate monthly blogs consisting of up to 500 words, linked sources, an image, and then work their magic!


Boost Brand Awareness

Every blog post on a website gets indexed as a potential search engine result. Strengthen your SEO and increase online visibility with a single blog, or take it to the next level with the Add SEO Enhanced add-on. We'll add an extra 500 words, additional stock image, alt text for images, and metadata, giving your blog that extra SEO boost that it needs!

Dedicated Writers

Our team of creative writers will research and write about any topic provided. If no topic is provided each month, we'll choose an industry-relevant topic on your behalf. We’ll produce grammatically correct and engaging content to attract new customers for your business.

3 SEO-friendly blog
Up to 500 words
1 stock image  per blog within blog
Build trust between you and your customers. Blogs can help establish you as an authority in your field.
Drive more customers to your website! This boosts customer awareness of your services and products, and strengthens your SEO standing.
Consistent blog posting solidifies your web presence and encourages customer revisits to your website.

Custom Website & Branding Experience

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